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El Primo is a rare brawler who attack deal very high damage when close to the enemies and has a very high amount of health. His reload speed is very fast, 0.8 seconds but his range is not that big, 3 tiles.


El Primo fires 4 punches that deal high damage to enemies but at a very short range. His punches can deal damage to multiple targets.

Super Attack 

When El Primo uses his super, he jumps at a pretty long distance dealing a minor damage and knocking back his opponents. His super is mostly used to get close to enemies, so that he can damage them. While in the air, El Primo is immune to all kind of damages, that are not dealt by Crow.

Star Powers

El Fuego

While using his super, El Primo he sets his opponents on fire for four seconds. Each second, the enemies get damaged 300 health which makes El Primo’s super be able to take 1200 damage to enemies. This fire is very similar to Crow’s poison.

Meteor Rush

After El Primo used his super, and he hits the ground, his speed will be increased with 25% for only four seconds.

LevelHealthDamage per 4 punchesSuper Damage
9 / 10812020161120


  • El Primo can do high damage, but only if his close to his enemies. Try to use his super to get close to brawlers like Colt or Brock, or else they will be able to take you out before you even hit them.

  • El Primo’s super allows him to move a pretty long distance. Try to use his super when somebody is chasing you, or you chase somebody. This will allow you to jump in front of your enemy. El Primo’s super is used to on Showdown when a robot is following you and you don’t have enough time to kill him before someone kills you.

  • In Brawl Ball you can kick the ball and then follow it with your super. This will clear the walls and give you a opportunity to score.

  • El Primo is very good on Heist cause he can jump with his super directly on the opponents safe and start punching it. In defense, he can use super on enemies to knock them back. If needed, you can destroy the enemies wall, so that your teammates can hit the safe easier.

  • When playing El Primo on Gem Grab, he can knock the enemies back and give a chance to your team to control the middle.


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