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Jessie - Fighter - Brawl Stars

Jessie is a trophy road brawler who you can unlock after reaching 500 trophies. She has medium health and deal enough damage. Jessie’s range is 9 and her reload speed is 1.8 seconds. Her turret range is 4.67.


Jessie’s main attack is a energy orb with moderate damage. When the orb hits an enemy it will bounce toward the nearest enemy. It can bounce up to 2 or 3 times in total before disappearing.

Super Attack

When Jessie’s super used, it will spawn a turret with moderate health and damage. This turret can be thrown anywhere within a short distance from Jessie. This turret is stationary and fires quickly at enemy brawlers

Star Powers


Jessie’s star power allows her to hit her turret with her main attack and it will automatically heal the turret 800 health. The attack will bounce towards the closest enemy and can track opponents in the bush to. 


This star power allows Jessie’s turret to shoot energy orbs that can hit multiple enemies but this doesn’t change anything else like the turret life or range.

LevelJessie healthTurret healthJessie damageTurret damage
9 / 10448042001176364


  • After hitting an target Jessie’s energy orb will bounce towards the nearest enemy. You can use that to determine enemies position even if they are in the bush.
  • Jessie’s turret can do considerable damage if ignored, making it an excellent way to distract opponents as they attempt to destroy you.
  • While in a bush Jessie’s turret while be invisible unless they are other enemies next to it. However just like a player it will become visible if he shots or takes damage.
  • Jessie’s turret can be useful to when you play against Mortis or Frank cause Mortis needs to get very close to the turret if he wants to kill it and Frank need a bit of time before he shots, this could take Frank a lot of damage.
  • In heist Jessie’s turret can be used to take a lot of damage or as a act to defend you. If you have Shocky then you can heal your turret and hit the safe and another enemy or if left alone Jessie’s turret could take an considerable amount of damage.
  • If you have Jessie’s star power, Shocky you can spawn it near an important choke point on the map and keep shooting while enemies are near it. This will keep healing your turret while it deals damage.
  • Jessie can charge her super very quickly. Two perfect hits are enough to charge her super without any pre-existing charge.


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