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Dynamike - Thrower - Brawl Stars

Dinamike is a common brawler (trophy road) who you can unlock as a reward when you hit 2000 trophies. He has low hit points but deal more damage. Dinamike’s range is 7 and his ammo reload back in 1.7 seconds.


Dinamike throws two sticks that blow after a short number of seconds and deal a lot of damage to the enemies who get caught in his radius. The dynamites detonate simultaneously. If both sticks hit the opponent he wants, they deal twice as much damage to them

Super Attack

Dinamike throws the barrel he carries. The bomb can be thrown the same distance as the dynamites and when it detonates, it deals very high damage to the brawlers in his radius. Any opponent that survives get knocked back from the explosion location. The super destroys obstacles.

 Star Powers   


if he shots under him with the main attack or the super, it will be thrown a short distance away. While in the air, he is immune to almost every kind of damage, only crow his poison can still damage him.


If Dinamike use the super, it will deal 1000 damage more but this don’t change anything else like the radius, the knock back or something else.

LevelHealthDamageSuper damage
12800760 / 15202200
22940798 / 15962310
33080836 / 16722420
43220874 / 17482530
53360912 / 18242640
63500950 / 15002750
73640988 / 19762860
837801026 / 20522970
9 / 1039201064 / 21283080 / 4080


  • Cause Dinamike’s sticks deal massive damage but it takes a bit of time to travel and blow so try to hit where you think the enemy is gonna be when it blows.
  • Hiding behind a wall and shooting from there is a smart idea.
  • When being chased close by an opponent try to put the dynamites or the super in front of you cause the super could push the enemy back and if you have dyna-jump it will throw you further.
  • Try to use the bomb only if they are two enemies cause if you hit both it will automatically recharge your super.
  • In Showdown, if the enemy is near the poison clouds try to use the super to throw him in the poison and take extra damage.
  • In the game modes Gem Grab or Siege throw the dinamites near the gem/bolt so that your teammate can take it easily.
  • Mortis is a huge counter to Dinamike cause he can dash away from your sticks before it explodes so try to stay away from him.
  • After getting his first star power you can jump over the opponents, make dribblings in Brawl Ball, take the gem/bolt and runaway fast, try double or triple jump just for fun and escape from sticky situations.


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