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Hard Rock Mine map - Brawl Stars

This is not a map for throwers. They don’t have much obstacles to hide behind. I would recommend you to play Jessie on this map. Her range and her Star Powers never let her down. Even if Frank has a big range he is not so used because he can’t shoot while moving and he is not a defender or a gems collector.

Bo is a awesome brawler for this map because of the Star Powers: Snare a Bear.

When caught in the mine you will not get knocked back but you will get stunt for 2.0 seconds and Circling Eagle: Bo can see the enemies in the bushes from a uncanny distance and share it with his teammates. Rico could be good too with Super Bouncy when needed and Robo Retreat when carrying the gems.

I think Emz is actually the best brawler for this map which many people don’t think. Her Star Powers aren’t betraying her. Mostly Hype: She recovers 300 health for each enemy that’s staying in her super area. Tara could be used too. Her super can catch all the people in it this is why she is so good at stopping countdowns but she’s not a gems carrier she has to protect the gems carrier. The best team on this map might be Tara for stopping countdowns, Poco healing when needed his teammates and Emz the gems carrier.


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