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Royal Flush map - Brawl Stars

This map (Royal Flush) might be my favorite one. It has all it’s needed. I like to play Nita on this map. She can throw her bear when somebody is trying to collect the especially a Mortis than he has to deal with him.

The red team trying to help Mortis is being distracted and the blue team can collect gems till the other team defeat’s the bear. Same thing with Jessie, she can throw her turret in the middle to protect the gems. To have in your team a Poco and a Sandy is very good. They are both kind of medium range brawlers, they can push together the red team on the side.

This always works at 600- trophies. The gem collector don’t have a protector. Always beware of having a protector in your team. Carl is also very useful. He can go with the super on brawlers like Crow, Jessie, Poco or Emz. Pam could be an awesome brawler for this map too but only if you know how to use her. On Royal Flush she has a lot of good places to place the healing turret.

Piper or Colt would be useless on this map. The map is almost always useless for long range brawlers except penny. Her range is almost medium. Crow is very good on Royal Flush too. He can shoot and hide behind a wall. If he hits someone he keeps charging his super.

When the super is ready he can go on easy targets like Piper, Brock, Colt and maybe Poco. The best team on this map might be Gene the gems carrier, Penny the gems carrier protector and Pam the healer.


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