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Four Squared map - Brawl Stars

This map (Four Squared) is the best one for throwers. I like to play them on this map. This is why Mortis very good on Four Squared is. He has easy targets mostly Tick or Dinamike. Nita is also good because a long range might not be needed. Sandy, Nita and Jessie are the brawlers with the highest Win rate. Be careful by not playing long range brawlers, they almost never win mostly Piper but only her Colt or Brock.

A lot of people think that Leon is bad on this map I think the opposite, that Leon is very good. The bush on the sides allows him to sneak in the enemy side. Tick might be the best thrower on this map because of his Star Powers: Well Oiled. When not taking damage recovers two times faster his health and Automa-Tick Reload: Tick reloads his ammo 15% faster.

These Star Powers make him the best thrower on Four Squared. Rosa could be also a good brawler to use because the obstacles helps her a lot. When somebody gets to close then is he dead. Crow is a very good brawler that help to stop the countdown of the other team because the poison that keeps charging the brawler that can’t heal.

The best team on Four Squared might be Rosa a needed tank, somebody who carries the gems Poco and another medium range brawler Nita.


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