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Deathcap Trap map - Brawl Stars

This map (Deathcap Trap) is pretty good for Sandy. Her Win rate is almost 60% even if she is not so popular. The most used brawler is Jessie. She can throw her turret easily on the middle to protect the gems. Penny is also very good because of her Star Power “Balls of Fire” that can shoot at someone trying to collect the gems then the red team won’t be able to collect gems for a few seconds because of the fire on the floor that will charge the enemy team who is trying to collect gems.

Anyway don’t use Bull or Bibi on such maps, they can’t collect gems or hit the enemy because the low range. A thrower don`t have to be absolutely used. Matching up against a thrower will be anyway hard if you don’t have a Mortis. The best team on this map might be Gene because of her long range, Mortis because of being a good counter for throwers or low health brawlers and Pam because of her turret and the health.

The walls being able to hide Pam’s turret from the enemies. Crow can be used too instead of Pam. Crow being able to help Mortis for the take-down. Shelly can be also used with the Shell Shock Star Power that slows down the enemies if they are having the winning countdown.


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