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Cross Cut map - Brawl Stars

This map (Cross Cut) is the single one the is good for long range brawlers like Piper. She is the most used brawler on this map. Her Use rate is 8%. On second place you’ll find Tick with 6.3%. Even if this is a map for long range brawlers, throwers are good too.

Penny is very good because of the many places where she can place her turret like Jessie. Most used Star Powers are Jessie’s, Penny’s and Bo’s. Never mind, never use close range brawlers on this map no matter what. You have no chance to get close by a long range brawler. Leon is very bad too. From distance he is almost never dealing damage.

Frank is worse because he can’t shoot while moving. Even if Shelly has a pretty far range from far there are no chances to get a kill. Spike Star Powers Curveball is not needed, Fertilize either. I would play Tara on Cross Cut because she can get all three enemies at one place and kill them all. Then you will be controlling the middle.

Her Star Power Healing Shade might be needed and it can be killed hard from far with no long range brawler. The best team on Cross Cut might be Tara Gems carrier, Poco healer gems carrier protector and Pam to push the other team back.


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