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Chill Cave map - Brawl Stars

This map (Chill Cave) is good for Penny, Jessie, Pam because they have turrets. These turrets help them making a good team. Each team should have at least one of the following brawlers: Jessie, Nita, Pam, Penny and Sandy because of their helpful super. Bo’s Star Power: Snare a Bear help him a lot trapping the enemies stun for 2.0 seconds.

I recommend you to have a Tick in your team, but a Dinamike or a Barley. A Rosa could be useful too because of the health. If someone gets too close by Rosa it is an easy take-down for Rosa. Nita’s Star Powers are very useful.

Bear with me: Whenever the bear hits someone Nita recovers 300 health and whenever Nita hits something the bear recovers 300 health and Hyper Bear: The bear attacks much faster. Her Bear hits 50% faster. Penny’s Last Blast: When the cannon is destroyed it fires 4 cannonballs each dealing 1680 damage could be useful too. I wouldn’t use Piper on this map because the range is too long and on Chill Cave exists many obstacles.

Anyway Piper could open the map destroying with her super the walls. She is not the only brawler that can do this. Colt need an open map too. Same thing with Brock. The best team on this map might be Bo the gems carrier blocking the enemies with his super, Rosa always watching out for Bo the gems carrier protector and Crow a defense.


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