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Cell Division map - Brawl Stars

This most used brawler on this map (Cell Division) is Piper even if she loses more often than winning most people don’t know this. Penny Star Powers are the second most used once after Jessie’s. Emz’s Hype is also very useful. Poco is very good too. His range is good enough the super too. I can’t say anything about his Star Powers, they are simply the best once.

I suggest you not at all to use thrower. They just can’t do anything to help. Their Win rate is under 45%. Bibi isn’t any helpful either. What I can’t understand is why Pam’s use rate is smaller than 3%. Rosa’s also even if her Win rate is over 55%. Close range brawlers would be helpful at 0+.

Sandy is very good too because of her super. She can throw her super to protect the gems for a few seconds then the other team won’t be able to get any closer because of the invisibility. Darryl could be useful only with the super. I like to think that Mortis good is, but he isn’t, he can’t fight, just grab the gems.

The best team on Cell Division might be Sandy by throwing her super to protect the gems and being the gems carries, a Poco that she can push with and gems carrier protector and Crow to keep the enemies at distance.


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