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Double Swoosh map - Brawl Stars

This map (Double Swoosh) is a map mostly for Sandy, Nita, Jessie or Poco. This map is not at all for throwers. Dinamike’s and Barley’s Win rate are under 42%. Rosa’s Star Powers are very good. Plant Life: When she is inside a bush she recovers 200 health per second and Thorny Gloves: During super her punches deal 200 damage more.

The most used brawler on this map is Shelly even if her Win rate is under 50%. Shelly’s Star Powers are useful. Shell Shock: Shelly’s super slows down enemies for 2.5 seconds and the second one that is more useful when carrying the gems: When Shelly falls below 40% health she instantly recovers 1800 health.

Long range brawlers are useless on this Double Swoosh. Nita is very good too because she can throw her bear easily on the enemy side, than her team will be able to see where the enemies are hiding. Bo’s Star Power Circling Eagle is useful on Double Swoosh. Circling Eagle: Bo sees the enemies in the bush from an uncanny distance sharing this with his teammates.

Crow is very good too because of the poison. The best team on Double Swoosh might be Sandy the gems carrier, Rosa waiting in the bush and Poco the healer.


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