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Snake Cavern map - Brawl Stars

This map (Snake Cavern) the best one for Tick. He shoots 3 mini-mines that separate after landing. I like to play Nita on this map because she can throw her bear to chase a Mortis or a Tick. Sandy is very good. If she throws her super on middle than throwers will be easiest target.

I’ll suggerate you to not play Piper because there are a lot of obstacles that are blocking her. The best Star Powers to use on Snake Cavern are the following: 1st Last Blast When Penny’s cannon dies it reveals 4 cannonballs that deal 1680 damage each 2nd Balls of Fire Penny’s Cannonballs set the ground on fire for 3 seconds each

3rd Well Oiled When Tick isn’t taking any damage he recovers 2 times faster his health 4th Automa-Tick Reload Tick reloads his ammo 15% faster. The brawlers that I wouldn’t use are Piper, Colt, Bibi, Bull, Frank, El Primo and Darryl. Gene and Tara are not so used as they should be. The best team on Snake Cavern might be Tick as thrower, Rosa the needed Tank and Jessie the gems carrier.


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