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Spring Trap map - Brawl Stars

I would play Nita on this map (Spring Trap) because of her bear that is watching out on the middle. Her Win rate is almost 60% like Rosa’s and Jessie’s. The most used brawler on this map should be Nita but actually is Shelly. Shelly’s Star Powers are the most used once too. Shell Shock: Her super slows down the enemies for 2.5 seconds and Band-Aid: When Shelly falls below 40% health she gains instantly 1800 health.

Rosa’s Star Powers are very used too. Plant Life: When Rosa is in a bush she recovers 200 health per second and Thorny Gloves: While her super Rosa punches deal 200 more damage. I suggerate you not to play Piper on Spring Trap. Her long range isn’t helping her.

Her Star Powers are the most useless once. Ambush: While being in a bush and shooting each shoot deal 800 more damage and Snappy Sniping: When she hits an enemy with her normal attack Piper reloads 0.5 Ammo instantly. Throwers are very bad too.

They don’t have where to shoot from or to hide behind. Mortis can’t be useful on Spring Trap he got nothing to help with. If you really want to use the Trap do it with Shelly. She is the best one to do this. The best team on Spring Trap might be Nita, Gene the gems carrier and Shelly the protector.


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