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Minecart Madness map - Brawl Stars

This map (Mine cart Madness) is a map made for throwers. Their use rate is over 10%. The biggest one of any kind of Gem Grab maps. The lost used Star Powers on Mine cart Madness are Tick’s Star Powers and Penny’s Star Powers. Well Oiled: When Tick doesn’t take any damage he recovers his health 2 times faster.

Automa-Tick Reload: Tick Ammo reloading speed is increased by 15%. The biggest Win rate is Poco’s with 57.6%. He is the best brawler on this Mine cart Madness. It doesn’t matter what people are saying that throwers are the best. They are just more used. Sandy is very good too.

If she throws her super to block the middle the other team will be fully dominated. Mortis is not so good because of the Tick’s minimines or Dinamike’s dynamite he is completely blocked. Close range brawlers are not so bad because when the Mine cart is passing by the target is blocked.

Brawlers like Shelly are simply too bad. Jessie’s turret or Penny’s turret are the most helpful. Jessie’s turret can easily keep throwers or close range brawlers away. Bo could be very useful too, if you know how to use him. The best team on Mine cart Madness might be Tick the annoying thrower, Bo the gems carrier and Gene to keep them away.


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