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Spare Space map - Brawl Stars

The Spare Space map is good for Jessie because she can shoot from her bush to the enemy bush. Brawlers like Carl, Penny, Sandy can do it also. If you reach the enemy side bush you are two blocks far from them. Each Brawlers will then be able to hit the enemies.

The bombs can be used for defence when a team has the winning countdown. On Spare Space you can do Tara’s bug. Down in the left corner and up in the right corner. The A+ brawlers on Spare Space should be Jessie (she is good on mostly gem grab maps), Barley also, Pam too and no more.

Spare Space is good for long range brawlers. Close range brawlers can’t get close for a nice takedown. The jump trap is awesome for medium range because when they jump they land in the middle they can easily hit the brawlers trying to collect the gems.

If the gems carrier tries to get the gems then he/she will probably get killed. This is a surely needed brawler in a team. Sandy is a very good brawler for Spare Space because she can throw her super in the middle. The super makes able a team to access almost every bush on the map.

The best team on Spare Space might be Sandy because you can easy conquer the middle, Nita because she can keep the enemies away by jumping into them and Poco the gems carrier. It depends. Poco has to decide with Sandy who is the gems carrier. They are both good.


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