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Escape Velocity map - Brawl Stars

This map (Escape Velocity) is very good for Jessie. She is the best brawler for Gem Grab. Her Star Powers are mostly (always) the most used once. On second you’ll find Poco with his awesome Star Powers on Gem Grab. The worst Star Powers are Crow’s and Leon’s.

Extra Toxic: If the enemies are poisoned they do 10% less damage. Carrion Crow: To brawlers with 50% or less health Crow deals 100 damage more. Smoke Trails: During his super Leon gains a speed boost. Invisiheal: During his super Leon recovers 1000 health per second.

Brawlers that i don’t want to use on Escape Velocity because of their Win rate are Piper with the worst Win rate: 45.5% and Dinamike with 45.6%. They are simply too bad and not to use. Throwers can’t be useful because of their useless attack. Carl could be very good too because his range is long enough to reach the enemies bush and can deal a lot of damage.

The most not used brawlers are Crow and Leon. Before seeing the statistics i said Crow is one of the best ones, after I saw them i was very surprised. A tank is needed mostly Rosa because she can jump with the trap in the enemies bush. Brawlers like Bull or Bibi are not needed because they can’t fight the enemies from a close distance.

The best team on Escape Velocity might be Jessie pushing the enemies back, Carl to help Jessie and Rosa blocking them to reach their bush after they got killed.


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