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Time Out map - Brawl Stars

The most used brawler on Time Out is like always Jessie because she can reach on mostly maps the enemies bush. Brawlers like Penny, Sandy, Poco and Bo are very good too because they can almost always reach the enemy bush too. Brawlers useless because they can’t get close are almost ever Bibi and Bull.

Since Bea new is she is very good at Gem Grab. As always the most used Star Powers are Jessie’s because her turret is very helpful when placed in the middle and the Star Powers are helping the turret a lot. Throwers are not the worst one.

They can be used sometimes. Hiding behind a wall and shooting is a smart idea. I suggest you not to break the bombs because they can be useful while defending. Max’s Star Powers are the most useless once. Super Charged: He charges his super while moving.

Run n’Gun: He reloads his super faster while moving. But his range helps him a lot and increases the Win and Use rate even if both are very low. Long range brawlers are not good because their range is purely not needed. Piper’s super is useless. What could she do with it.

These brawlers are anyway too much used. Bibi’s Star Power Batting Stance helps her live a bit more. Batting Stance: When Bibi’s run bar is fully charged she gains a shield that decreases the damage she receives by 30%. The best team on Time Out might be: Sandy, Nita and Bo if you know how to use him and his super.


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