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Deathcap Trap map - Brawl Stars

This map (Deathcap Trap) is pretty good for Sandy. Her Win rate is almost 60% even if she is not so popular. The most used brawler is Jessie. She can throw her turret easily on the middle to protect the gems. Penny is also very good because of her Star Power “Balls of Fire” that can shoot at someone trying to collect the gems then the red team won’t be able to collect gems for a few seconds because of the fire on the floor that will charge the enemy team who is trying to collect gems.

Four Squared map - Brawl Stars

This map (Four Squared) is the best one for throwers. I like to play them on this map. This is why Mortis very good on Four Squared is. He has easy targets mostly Tick or Dinamike. Nita is also good because a long range might not be needed. Sandy, Nita and Jessie are the brawlers with the highest Win rate. Be careful by not playing long range brawlers, they almost never win mostly Piper but only her Colt or Brock.

Royal Flush map - Brawl Stars

This map (Royal Flush) might be my favorite one. It has all it’s needed. I like to play Nita on this map. She can throw her bear when somebody is trying to collect the especially a Mortis than he has to deal with him.

Hard Rock Mine map - Brawl Stars

This is not a map for throwers. They don’t have much obstacles to hide behind. I would recommend you to play Jessie on this map. Her range and her Star Powers never let her down. Even if Frank has a big range he is not so used because he can’t shoot while moving and he is not a defender or a gems collector.

Acute Angle map - Brawl Stars

Acute Angle is a recent map that is mostly used by Jessie. Her win rate is almost 60%. Her Star Powers are also the most used once on this Gem Grab map. Penny is also often used on this map because of her long range. Poco can be used too even if his damage output is not too big. His Star Powers are helping him a lot, Da Capo with its huge buff and Screeching Solo that still remains a good Star Power.


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