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Update December 2019 Preview

SuperCell just announced another Brawl Stars. The December 2019 update brings us a lot of cool stuff that includes Pirate Brawlidays, Present Plunder game modes and the newest brawler, Bea.

Here is the list of all balance changes!

Bea: She is a book smart entomologist who uses her bee helper drones to gather samples for Rosa! Be careful, because those bees are also sniper bullets

Main Attack: She is an long range brawler. Hitting an enemy brawler amplifies the next one.

Super - Bee Swarm: Bea launches a swarm of bees who takes a little damage but slow your enemies down for three seconds.

1st Star Power - Insta Beeload: Missing an attack automatically charges up the next. Her star power is usable only once a game, even if you re-spawn.

2nd Star Power - Honey Coat: When taking lethal damage, survives with one hp and becomes invincible for a moment once per re-spawn.

Max: She is a super speedy, high-energy brawler who shots electricity from her wrist blaster.

Main Attack: Short burst of shots.

Super Attack: Adds a short boost of speed on Max’s super and friendly brawlers.

1st Star Power - Super Charged: Movement increases super charge.

2nd Star Power - Run and Gun: Movement recharges main attack.


Captain Carl: 150 gems

Corsair Colt: 150 gems

Pirate Poco: 80 gems 

Lady Bug Bea: 30 gems

GT Max: 30 gems

Present Plunder: New limited game mode that lats until the end of Brawlidays! Steal presents from your enemies in a new 3v3 pirate paradise.

Each team must defend their presents while attempting to steal opponents Christmas presents. If you want to collect a present you must walk over it.

Dropped presents will automatically be returned to your home after a number of seconds. Each team can not collect their own present just defend it until, it will be returned. Presents can be thrown by aiming with the main / super attack, just like Brawl Ball. Presents can be thrown over walls but they travel slower. Two stolen presents needed to win.

Championship Challenge (coming in 2020): In this new monthly challenge, everyone can battle for glory, awesome rewards and even a place at the Brawl Stars Championship.

For this new game mode you need to have at least 800 trophies on a brawler. This Championship will use friendly rules, that means all brawlers max. level. 

Map Changes

New in game environment - Darryl’s Ship!

A lot of community made Brawl Stars maps!

Team Changes

Queue for group: Allows players to queue for a team with match made teammates.

Quick Chat: Allows you to communicate easier with your teammates or randoms.

Bug Fixes

Added missing Sally Leon super SFX.

Fixed a bug that caused Tara’s shade to get stuck into level corners.

Hope you enjoyed the December 2019 update :) . Let me know what you think in the comments.


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